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Jaimie Fox is a Psychic Medium, Spirit Communicator, Channeler, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Integrated Energy Therapist, Spiritual Coach, and Ordained Minister. Jaimie channels Ascended Masters, Masters of the Masters, Angels, Loved ones in Spirit, etc. More specifically, Krishna and Lakshmi came to Jaimie to bring forth an Ancient Healing Method. She is the One who has been placed on this Earth with a passion to help ignite fellow Light-Workers while encouraging their own personal and spiritual development. Jaimie offers an array of services to assist those on a path of healing, assistance through their spiritual journey, and holds a sacred space to expand and grow with insight and guidance from Spirit. The light she carries inside of her brings ease and healing to everyone she encounters. Her mission is to be the light, share the light, and bring love and compassion to Humanity & Mother Earth.


"Having met Jaimie has been a life changing experience for me.  Her insight and compassion has directed me down a path of spiritual and personal growth.  Jaimie is dedicated to bringing out the best in her clients by building their confidence and soothing their spirit with her guidance and support.  I feel blessed to have made her an acquaintance." K.D

"Her tarot reading was PIN POINT ACCURATE.  I was in awe of the things that came up during the reading and also that came true as the days and weeks unfolded.  Her delivery is super gentle and compassionate and she makes you feel welcome and safe.  I felt like we have known each other forever and we were just two girlfriends chatting over coffee." -Hannah

"I had a healing session with her over the phone, we set a time settled in and she checked in after it was over.  She is a master at her craft.  Her energy is so gentle but so powerful.  Even though it was a distant healing I felt as though she was in the room with me.  You are missing out if you don't book an appointment with her ASAP." -Amy

"Jaimie has given me the truest most sincere readings I've had. I love the way she works because she comes from a pure place and is compassionate and genuinely wants to help you get the message that I believe and know is from a higher power.  I've been referred to see her by a friend that only recommends people who have the best intentions & only share the truth.  Jaimie has given me a greater understanding on life situations and has healed me through her words. I couldn't be more grateful to have met her." -Samantha

"Jaimie is a truly gifted Medium.  You can feel her compassion through the messages being delivered.  I trust her.  She is humble and sweet.  She will make you feel at ease while delivering evidence and messages from your loved ones in spirit." -Denise Marie

A Message From Spirit



Depths of Despair

"This I declare

Through the depths of despair

You'll go into a deep place

I promise though, it is a healing space.

Through the depths of despair

It is time to share.

Your light is so bright

You MUST spread your wings and take FLIGHT.

Take a leap of faith, i'll show you how

Your fears are quiet now.

Come with me

Take a good look and see.



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